About Graymatters

We dedicate ourselves to providing high quality, individualized, outpatient mental health services that focus on the promotion of health, not just the treatment of illness. 

Our clinicians will work with you to promote daily health practices, identify early symptoms of illness, and to intervene quickly and effectively when needed to maintain optimal health.

We treat children, adolescents, adults, and families, with treatment modalities span that multiple disciplines, including pharmacology, psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, and other complementary health promotion strategies.

Our areas of specialty include:

Diagnosis and treatment of psychosis in children, adolescents and adults;

Early intervention strategies for severe mental illness, including psychosis;

Neurodevelopmental Disorders, including Autism/Pervasive Developmental Disorder and ADHD;

Learning Disorders, and helping families seek school based services;

Maternal Mental Health, including prenatal, pregnancy and postpartpartum assessment and treatment;

Psychopharmacologic management of mood, anxiety, disruptive behavior, and psychotic disorders; and

Psychotherapy, eclectic approaches incorporating CBT, DBT, IPT, supportive and psychoanalytic strategies.

Meet Our Staff

Tejal Kaur, MD

Email: tkaur@graymattersmd.com   Direct Line: (917) 720-4480

I am a board certified child, adolescent and adult psychiatrist with expertise in the early intervention and treatment of neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders and psychosis. My passions include health prevention and promotion, teaching, writing, activism, and directly working with patients and families. I enjoy working with kids, teens and adults, and use a combination of behavioral strategies, therapy, school or work accommodations, medication and lifestyle changes. I love neuroscience, particularly because science has the power to dispel bias and stigma.

Ruth Alexander, NP

Email: ralexander@graymattersmd.com   Direct Line: (917) 720-4124

I am a Board Certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner with experience working in mental health promotion and prevention with young adults, kids, and families. I enjoy working using a holistic approach, combining psychotherapy, psychopharmacology and lifestyle approaches, to treat each individual’s specific needs, including difficulty with sleep, depression, anxiety, performance difficulties at school or work, or situational stressors.

Elise Steenburgh

Email: esteenburgh@graymattersmd.com   Direct Line: (917) 720-4132

I am the office manager for Graymatters Medical Practice. I have been a part of the Tejal Kaur, MD team since July 2014. As of July 2016, I assumed the role of Office Manager, a role I will continue as our practice expands. In addition to my role at Graymatters, I am an academic who teaches, presents, and writes about the effects of the Khmer Rouge on Cambodian music, both historically and contemporaneously. My passions include music and social justice. I enjoy working directly with all of our patients and families, ensuring you all obtain the highest quality of care and treatment as we work collaboratively with you on achieving optimal health.

Gabriela Elia

Email: office@graymattersmd.com   Direct Line: (917) 720-4480

I am the administrative assistant for Graymatters Medical Practice. I joined the team in July 2016. I am also a part time student in Nutrition Sciences. I am passionate about health food, and my goal is to help people improve their health by changing their eating habits and achieving a healthy lifestyle. At Graymatters Medical Practice, I am also learning that the mind is a key part of overall health, and am working to incorporate mental health approaches into my work. 

Caroline Fernandez, Student NP

Email: cfernandez@graymattersmd.com   

I am a Registered Nurse and student at Columbia University School of Nursing, where I am completing my Master’s degree to become a Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. I am thrilled to be training with the renowned clinicians at Graymatters, starting in January 2018. I have developed a comprehensive approach during my training as a nurse, viewing each patient as an individual with unique needs. In addition to my educational training, I have experience working in community health, where I regularly encounter underserved New Yorkers. I intend to continue working to provide mental health care to individuals in need who may lack access to treatment.



Nicholas Banker, Student NP

Email: nbanker@graymattersmd.com   

I am currently in my final semester of the NYU Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) program and am excited to complete my training with Graymatters, starting January 2018. During my 10 years of previous nursing experience, I have worked with many different patients to improve their mental wellbeing. I believe in the power of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to change lives and empower individuals. Throughout my training and education, I am continuously learning the most effective uses of medications and therapy.  I enjoy working with children, teenagers and adults and using science and therapy to bolster client’s well-being and positive state of mind.