Starting 11/01/21: we are offering in-person sessions in addition to virtual sessions. Please reach out to us for more info!
(917) 740-5287


I’ve never been in therapy or taken medication before. How do I know if it’s right for me?

We recognize that anyone who comes to us seeking care has already taken a big step towards improving their quality of life. Some people might think that you need to be unwell in order to seek therapy or medication, but we believe that you could be thriving, and still need or want extra support. Whether you have never participated in mental health services ever or have been in therapy/taking medication for many years, you can find one of our services that will be a good fit for you, as long as you are committed to improving/maintaining your health and wellbeing

Where are you located?

Our physical location is at 521 5th Ave, 17th Floor, New York, NY 10175. The entrance to our shared office building is actually in between Little Italy Pizza and the Equinox gym on the northside of 43rd St between 5th Ave and Park Ave. However, we are currently not in the office and will be offering only telehealth services until further notice.

When and how can I reach the practice?

You can reach the practice by calling or texting (917) 740-5287 or by emailing We are available Monday-Friday 10:00am-5:00pm EST; Saturdays and Sundays are our off-hours, so we check messages less frequently on these two days. With any messages, we will get back to you within two business days. Your clinician may be available outside of these hours, so please check in with them separately or inquire about their hours.

When and how can I reach my clinician?

Dr. Kaur: (917) 720-4480,
Ruth: (917) 720-4124,
Amy: (917) 720-4132,
Kuljit: (917) 920-9128,
Sabrina: (917) 920-9051,
Julita: (917) 909-2592,
Jake: (917) 540-0266,
Katherine: (917) 720-4247,

As all our clinicians have varying hours that they work, please reach out to Justine with anything urgent at
(917) 740-5287 or and she will be sure to direct your inquiry accordingly.

Do you offer in-person services, telehealth services, or both?

We typically offer both in-person and telehealth services, and you could typically speak with your clinician about what might work best for you. However, until further notice, we are offering ONLY telehealth services.

What should I do when I need my prescription(s) refilled?

If you need your medication to be refilled, please get in touch with both Justine and your individual
clinician. Please allow for at least two business days for your prescription to be sent in. If you suddenly realize that you’re out of your medication, please let Justine know as soon as possible; we will do our best, but we cannot guarantee that your prescription will be sent in on the same day as your request.

How should I schedule sessions?

You can schedule sessions online or reach out to the office at (917) 740-5287 or If you have questions about the frequency of your sessions, please contact your clinician.

Do I have to see two different clinicians for therapy and medication management?

You can see a psychiatrist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, or psychiatric nurse at our practice for both therapeutic and psychiatric services. In this case, you wouldn’t need to schedule separate medication management sessions, as you can discuss your medication in regularly scheduled therapy sessions. However, if you are seeing a psychotherapist for therapy, you would need to see one of our other clinicians for separate medication management sessions, as our psychotherapists do not prescribe medication.

What do I need to do before my first session?

After your initial phone call and your first session being scheduled, you will need to complete a form called “New Client Details” by at least one day before your session. The link to this form will be automatically emailed to you once your first session is scheduled.

Do you take insurance?

We are an out-of-network provider, which means that we do not take health insurance. However, many insurance plans include out-of-network benefits, which means that you could potentially be reimbursed even if you see an out-of-network provider like us. If you don’t have out-of-network benefits, don’t have insurance, or otherwise don’t feel like our rates are feasible for you – please reach out to Justine, as there are various financial assistance and sliding scale options available and we do everything in our power to ensure that cost is never a barrier to receiving care.

I need a superbill to submit to insurance. What should I do?

After you have paid your fee in full for a session, you can expect a statement/superbill from us within 7 days after your scheduled session – oftentimes, we will email it to you the day after your session! If it’s been more than 7 days since your session and you haven’t received your superbill, it’s possible that our emails could be in your Spam or Junk folder. If you need to request a copy of a superbill, please reach out to Justine at

What is your cancellation policy?

Appointments may be cancelled with at least 48-hour notice. If you cancel your appointment 48 hours or less prior to the appointment, miss your appointment, or are late to your appointment, you are still responsible for the FULL FEE of the appointment, regardless of the need for cancellation or lateness.