Starting 11/01/21: we are offering in-person sessions in addition to virtual sessions. Please reach out to us for more info!
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About this post: For 2021’s Black History Month, please join us for weekly resources centered around Black excellence, Black mental health, and Black experiences. Julita Braxton and Sabrina Sarro will lead us in offering public resources as a way to open community conversations about Black liberation, Black thriving, and Black joy all year round. These resources will be in different mediums each week so that you have a multitude of ways to show up and join us in centering and amplifying Blackness!


This page will be a collection of all the resources that we will offer during this time.


Week 1 Resource 1: Video about why racism is a mental health issue

Week 1 Resource 2: 10 reflection questions for Black History Month

Week 2 Resource 1: Video about Haitian joy through family and food

Week 2 Resource 2: Image collage celebrating all Black folx

Week 3 Resource 1: List of books by up and coming Black authors

Week 3 Resource 2: Video about why caring for your mental health is part of social justice

Week 4 Resource 1: Video about the importance of Black trans therapists

Week 4 Resource 2: Video about mental health inequity because of racism in the medical complex