Starting 11/01/21: we are offering in-person sessions in addition to virtual sessions. Please reach out to us for more info!
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What are the session costs out-of-pocket?

The cost per session varies depending on the provider and the type of session. Therapy sessions typically range from $175-$300/session. Medication management sessions typically range from $150-$300/session.

You can find each provider’s fees listed in their bio on our team page here!

Do you accept insurance?

We are typically out-of-network but can offer the option to use insurance as part of our financial accessibility model for those who are eligible for this option. It may be possible to use some insurances (commercial plans for Aetna, BCBS, Cigna, Oxford, Oscar, and United) with some providers. If this isn’t available for you, you would pay out-of-pocket for sessions either with or without out-of-network benefits.

Please note that commercial plans do not include Medicaid/Medicare plans (for example, the UnitedHealthcare Community Plan is not a commercial plan because it is a Medicaid/Medicare plan).

How do I use my out-of-network benefits for sessions?

You can utilize your out-of-network benefits for sessions with us by submitting a claim to your insurance. Claims may require itemized statements (also sometimes known as superbills) for the sessions that you are submitting for – we email itemized statements to you typically within a week after each session.

Each insurance company may have a different specific process of submitting claims. Typically you can submit claims by mailing in a form or submitting via an online portal – you can ask your insurance for more info. Please note that we do not submit claims on our end, so this will be something that you yourself would submit directly.

Do you offer a sliding scale?

All of our clinicians see patients on sliding scale, although each of them has limited availability. To try to serve as many people as possible on sliding scale, we created a 16-week sliding scale program, in which (if eligible) you can have a sliding scale rate for any number of sessions during those 16 weeks. In some cases, we can extend someone’s sliding scale rate when that improves our abilitiy to optimize a transition plan that helps you maintain and build upon the gains you’ve made with us.

Do the differences in session rates affect the quality of care that I would receive?

Each clinician provides the same level of care to each patient, regardless of the fee. We do not require sliding scale patients to fill less desirable time slots, and appointment frequency depends on both clinical benefit and patient preference. Each clinician provides the same concierge-level communication in appointments, between sessions, and throughout the treatment journey.

Are in-person sessions required?

While in-person sessions are not always required, there are some situations where we may ask clients to come in-person for one or more appointments, including but not limited to federal regulations related to controlled substances or other situations in which the provider feels it is clinically indicated for you to come in-person. We strive to meet you where you’re at, so if this comes up and is a barrier for you, please don’t hesitate to discuss further with your provider.

Can I work with your practice if I don’t live in New York State?

All of our providers are only licensed to practice in New York State. If you live in a bordering state and/or have the ability to come in-person at least a few times a year – please speak to a Client Care Coordinator from our office to discuss further.

Do you have in-person and virtual availability?

All of our psychiatric providers have both in-person and virtual availability. All of our therapists have virtual availability, and some are in-person availability. Some of our providers have both in-person and virtual availability. If you have a preference for either in-person or virtual sessions, please let us know so we can pair you with a provider that may fit your preferences!

Do I have to do both therapy and medication?

You do not have to engage in both therapy and medication management at our practice. While we offer both psychiatric and therapeutic services – some folks come to us just for their medication, some come to us just for therapy, and some come to us for both! We offer both psych services and therapy because we recognize that for some people, having to seek a separate psych provider and a separate therapist can be a barrier in accessing this kind of care – so we hope to eliminate this barrier by offering both services in the same place and sometimes with the same person. We also offer both services because we know that mental health journeys are not linear, so we want to offer services that match wherever you’re at.

I have a mental health provider outside of your practice already - can I continue to work with them while also working with you?

Yes, you can continue to work with your current provider while also engaging in care with us! We often work and collaborate with outside providers, so we coordinate care to ensure that your treatment plan is as integrated as possible. However, if both your outside provider and a graymatters provider are prescribing meds for you – please discuss this further with the office/your graymatters provider, as it may be in your best interest to not have two prescribing providers.

What is the main difference between a psychiatric provider and a therapist?

A psychiatric provider offers both therapy and medication management (which includes a full comprehensive psychiatric evaluation), and a therapist offers therapy. Essentially, a therapist is not able to prescribe medication. You can see both or one of these providers at our practice!

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