To keep our community safe during COVID-19 we are offering tele-health sessions until further notice
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graymatters offers a range of programming and online resources for developing and maintaining your mental wellness in a variety of ways either with our community or at home on your own.

Featured Services

Narrative Mind-Mapping

One-on-one writing coaching sessions to support you emotionally, professionally, academically, and creatively.

Personal Transformation through the Enneagram

For anyone intrigued by, new to, or familiar with the Enneagram – cultivate how your ennea-type shows up in your life and informs your identities.

Medication Management Group

You can refill your meds quickly and easily while also participating in a learning opportunity.

Black Folkx Deserve a Space to Breathe

For Black-identified folkx who hunger for a space to affirm your whole self and find ways to center/find Black joy.

Educational Resources

Welcome to graymatters!

Welcome to graymatters!

Whether you see us or find another path, we are just excited for you that you have decided to work on your mental...