Starting 11/01/21: we are offering in-person sessions in addition to virtual sessions. Please reach out to us for more info!
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Medication Management Group

In lieu of scheduling an individual appointment with your clinician, you can meet with a clinician in our Medication Management Group in a small group of other clients. This group is a simple way to refill your meds while being able to learn about common mental health topics/learn extra tools to maintain your health. We believe that while medication is often an important part for many people in maintaining their health, it’s often insufficient by itself. We want to help you work actively on your health by providing group learning opportunities in which medications can also be refilled just as in your individual appointment. This is a concept that has been studied for over 20 years and demonstrates high patient satisfaction and benefits – we’re excited to be able to bring this treatment option to you!

The group consists of a 30-minute discussion/workshop led by one of our clinicians, followed by a brief individual phone call to speak privately with the clinician to refill your medication. Even if you don’t need your medication refilled, you can still join to participate in this learning opportunity!

Participating in this group can be in lieu of or in addition to a standard one-on-one session with your clinician. If you have any specific medication questions/concerns, please schedule a one-on-one session with your clinician. Please reach out to Justine or your clinician with any questions!


You can register online on our website. For more information, please call 917-740-5287 or email

Frequency and Duration:

This group meets once a month, but it is not required to come every month. Please speak with your individual clinician if you have questions about how often you should be seeing us.

Day and Time:

The third Thursday of the month at 5:30pm EST


$150/session (if this rate is not feasible for you but you are still interested in participating, please call 917-740-5287 or email


online via Google Meet until further notice; information with your video session link will be emailed upon completion of forms and registration.