Starting 11/01/21: we are offering in-person sessions in addition to virtual sessions. Please reach out to us for more info!
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Whether you see us or find another path, we are just excited for you that you have decided to work on your mental health.

Although many people are now stepping up, calling out stigma, and speaking up for themselves and others, the majority still view working with a mental health professional as something you do when you’re “ill.” At graymatters, we believe no one should have to wonder, “Am I ill enough to seek treatment?

In all facets of our lives, we trust (or would trust if we found the right people) professionals with expertise to guide us to achieve the best outcomes. We work with people like electricians, yoga instructors, plumbers, nutritionists, lawyers, educators, and the list goes on and on… and on. In the field of mental health, most of us, clinicians included, need to work with professionals in order to be able to differentiate what is a “normal”, passing part of development, from a situation where we may want to intervene or seek guidance. The longer people wait to get that consultation or guidance, the longer people suffer needlessly. And the earlier they seek that guidance, the easier it is to improve one’s situation.

Early in my career, I was fortunate to be mentored by a researcher and physician specializing in early intervention for psychotic illnesses. Through her work, and her national and international partnerships, I saw that even the most severe of mental illnesses could be treated and possibly even prevented. I saw how people who had experienced psychosis could get better, work, have relationships and live fullfilling lives. One of the key elements predicting their success was whether they had the opportunity to enter treatment at an earlier age and engage in a therapeutic relationship. I believe that if we can do that for severe illnesses, we (as a mental health community) should be able to help so many more people with mild or moderate symptoms.

Yet, stigma bars so many of us from living healthy lives. I truly believe that the people that I work with are MUCH healthier than those out there that don’t seek treatment, because they are committed to improving themselves and their relationships. My only wish is that they could have sought treatment even earlier to avoid the pain they didn’t need to endure. So, we are committing ourselves at graymatters to push the boundaries of the current healthcare system, and form partnerships and programs that will improve the lives of our clients, our staff and the larger community. Please keep an eye out for new developments and opportunities here as we are very excited to be expanding the scope of our practice to focus even more on mental health education, health promotion, and preventative health care. Please feel free to reach out with any comments or feedback, because that helps us grow in ways that best meet your needs!

With the warmest regards,

Dr. Tejal Kaur

Founder and Clinical Director, graymatters medical practice